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Better state of being

As one of the strangest summers in human history comes to a close, I find myself increasingly excited about the future. This sounds bizarre, but there is reason behind this outlook. Throughout this year, the environmental circumstances have ignited my age-old thirst for knowledge. For months I’ve been researching many fields and topics. What I have discovered has given me great hope and excitement for what may come.

Over the past decade, neuroscience and biology have made monumental discoveries that correlate and reinforce what ancient cultures have long known. These findings prove that we are the authors of our destiny and that each of us has the power to shape the world as we see fit. Let’s use the functionality of neurons as an example. Neurons are hubs that transport information throughout our brains. They let us know if we are happy or sad, they tell us when it’s time to eat, and even signal the time for sleep. Every thought travels through a neural pathway to a neuron that is linked to billions of others. Scientists have discovered that the more a neural pathway is used, the stronger and more robust its signal becomes. This means the more we use that thought, the more it affects us. The opposite is also true; the less we use a neural pathway, the less effective it becomes until eventually, it disappears.

Now consider this, science has also discovered that thoughts and emotions carry a frequency and chemical hormone with them. For example, Fear, anxiety, and anger trigger the release of cortisol. A hormone that helps escape being killed by a tiger but can also cause chronic illness if used over long periods of time. Yet emotions such as love, empathy, and gratitude produce hormones like oxytocin and dopamine, which have profound positive side effects such as; low blood pressure, anti-anxiety, euphoria, and even increased awareness. So this means the more we use a thought or emotion, the more we will benefit from its side effects.

These discoveries have profound implications in our lives. It means that by thought alone, we can transform our bodies. The more we think about it, the stronger it becomes, and the less we use that thought, the weaker its effects become. Which begs the question, why do we hold tight to our anxieties? What purpose do fear and anger really play in our lives? How do we fill our lives with love, empathy, and gratitude? The first step is awareness, be aware of the thoughts in your mind. Do those thoughts serve you, or do they enslave you? The choice is yours, which emotions will you hold tight? I urge each and every one of us to take back control of our minds and use them to shape the world into a better state of being.

You become the thought before you.


patterns of inspirations.

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