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Fallen Leaves

Autumn strikes with a vengeance. The crisp sun is shining and the first snow has hit the mountain tops. With it the wind of winter is close to follow. As the season shifts so does the daily rhythm, from the poppy high hat tempo of summers upbeat playfulness to the rushing wind and dancing leaves that mark the symphony of fall. With this our attentions turn inward seeking shelter from the coming storm.


Consider the image I offer before you, they are from my last body of work. On the surface this work appears to be portraiture, but that is just one layer of the onion. Yes the outer skin resembles a face but look deeper and you’ll find a snowy cabin hidden in a valley of winter. Closer still reveals an anamorphic pool of dancing pigments that echo the universe. Pull back 30 feet and it becomes realistic.. Inspired after viewing Eames “powers of ten” I then set out to recreate this within a painting. All housed within the familiar concept of portraiture. I use this familiarity to present a complex ecosystem of fluctuating concepts and experiments. When viewed separately they seem disparate and incongruent, but become cohesive when unified in portraiture. 

None of this is fully realized until the viewer makes this discovery and becomes the final piece of equation understanding that even at a distance or under close scrutiny everything is ultimately connected. 

Soft embers dash upon the landscape and leave behind the quiet chorus of fall. 


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