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Futures past.

Futures past

Many illusions and misconceptions have riddled us throughout human history. They paralyze us into beliefs that become our standards. Standards that leave us staring blankly at the wall of untruth. A current narrative being forced upon us as one of isolation and separation. Which on the surface is pragmatic and warranted, but after a time it takes on a different meaning as it seeps deeper into our psyche. Soon many of us start believing only in ourselves, thus creating a self centric culture-scape that doesn’t understand the meaning of connection. Which is truly ironic because we live in a time where the human race has never been more connected.

Evidence for this connection is all encompassing, it is so widespread that it is nearly impossible to overlook. Everything from science to the natural world, even religions, economics, and entertainment have proven this. Take the example of micillium; bacterial colonies found in soil that distribute nutrients and information across a vast network. A network that can span an entire forest, allowing all the resources to be distributed where needed. Proving that the strongest tallest tree only becomes such by the support of those around it, so that it may share the knowledge of the heavens above. Showing us that this is not a world of “survival of the fittest,” but instead is a world where “sharing for survival,” dominates without dictatorship.

This concept has become the driving force behind my creativity, forcing me to reevaluate everything within my practice. My latest component to be reborn is both accessible and vital to the furthering of the share-culture. It is a digital bridge to my story and a URL to my life‘s work. I’ve spent the last six months tirelessly collecting nearly everything I’ve done as an artist. Which has been compiled to create a new website that is poised for growth, rich with secrets and discoveries intended to uplift and inspire. Please stop by for a visit in hopes that it begins to rebuild your connection to creativity and dissolve the illusion of isolation.

Every breath is but a song from the past that brings forth the future.


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