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1985 in Grandview, my memories start to take shape. Far from any settlement, at the end of a long narrow driveway. There sat my first understanding of home. Surrounded by trees, deep in the wilderness, thick with ever-present green, bordering a little river, the world was one big forest. 

The cold war was at its peak and my parents were survivalists that decided to shun society to seek shelter on the fringe. The property was a compound, complete with a single wide, garden, pigpen, and chicken coup. There was a volleyball court, a tree house, gun range, and a workshop with a secret bomb shelter. The river was steps away, it had a tunnel, 3ft waterfall, and a swimming hole. The perfect starting point to many adventures. 

Most days when there was no school or chores to be had, my task was “go outside and play” which meant take to the woods with the pack. That's where the world opened up to the birth of imagination. An imagination that started small but soon became limitless. Rainy days were spent drawing, the drawings became roadmaps for the next sunny day adventure. Thus developing a loop of creativity that fed my growing imagination and grounded me in the embrace of nature. 

Every adventure built upon the foundation of creativity. Setting the stage for what would become a lifelong practice. A practice where limits did not exist and one motive ruled. The motive to explore everything. Within the microcosm that was Grandview an explorer was born whose only purpose was the search. A search that leads the way to what has become my path. 

Know your path, make it known, so others may find their way in the sea of unknowing. 


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