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Infinite possibilities

In times of uncertainty, many go searching for answers. In a world of infinite possibilities the search quickly becomes a dilemma of choice. What to believe? How to move forward? Where to go next? Questions that drive the pursuit of knowledge. My pursuit has brought forth many answers. One that provides constant inspiration is based in scientific fact. The fact that states there are more stars in the known universe than there are grains of sand on planet earth. For some this is trivial, to others this is depressing, for me it is liberating. Such universal diversity leads back to a world of infinite possibilities.

This has become a core directive within my artistic practice. Knowing that anything is possible drives me to constantly reevaluate and experiment with each new piece. Never really using the same technique for too long, always searching for the next. Below are two examples of this process, both are portraits of Kurt Cobain. The first is a combination of years of experimentation, sort of a greatest hits album. The second is an intuitional accident and byproduct of the never ending search. It will mark the beginning of a new path, one full of mystery. A path of intention filled with the intuition of possibility. I urged each of us to use this methodology within their own practice to find answers that lead to more questions only waiting to be answered. For knowledge is light, light is matter, and what matters most is using this light to make bright the darkness of unknowing.

Nullius in verba,


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