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Our world is so rich, diverse, and overwhelmingly complicated; it becomes difficult to know what to pursue and how best to begin that pursuit. I always find myself returning to the many-worlds theory, otherwise known as the multiverse. A theory within quantum mechanics that simply states everything is possible. If you can think it, it can be. The idea of the multiverse (a universe with endless possibilities and outcomes.) appears to be so impossibly complex; only the greatest minds could ever comprehend its potential. Yet, we have countless stories throughout human history that prove everyone can harvest the potential of this theory.

Take the story of Aretha Franklin, a humble choir singer from the south who experienced unimaginable amounts of prejudice and opposition throughout her career. Who, despite this, still became the queen of soul, who has and will inspire countless others to pursue their dreams, by the example she set forth. Her story is one of many that prove we are the authors of our destiny.

Consider this, if everything is possible and we control our narrative, how do we achieve our dreams? Many of us spend our lives searching for the answer to this question, not knowing where to begin. The options are so limitless we end up finding ourselves trapped in analysis paralysis. Simplicity is the key to breaking this cycle. We only need to take one step in the direction of our dreams to begin the recipe for change. The butterfly effect is an excellent example of this, a phenomenon where the smallest action sparks a chain reaction that leads to exponential outcomes. Which means every act can bring about the greatest reaction.

Manifestation, the multiverse, and the butterfly effect all play a leading role in my creative process. A process that only becomes more increasingly complex and difficult to explain in a paragraph or capture in a photo. There are many layers to my work; most are unseen, often buried with experiments, technique, and intuition, leaving the viewer with a portrait that is a complex onion of creativity. For years I have grappled with the best way to showcase this, now after much consideration, I am excited to announce a new series that will highlight this layering process.

It is called The Layer Club; an affordable exclusive subscription-based art series that will dissect one of my portraits start to finish, into seven distinct layers over the next 12 months. It is an exclusive behind the scenes peek into my artistic practice. Each layer will be part of a series of small original works that members will receive throughout the year. After a year, every member will have a set of seven pieces that represent a personal and intimate glimpse into my work. Every member will also receive a host of other goodies and surprises with every layer. Think of it as an art surprise club meant to spark joy and bring a little smile to your day.

In addition to the layers, a 48 x 48 painting of the same subject will be created over the year. It will then be auctioned off to members after all seven layers are complete.

The Layer Club will provide greater accessibility and understanding of my work and share some of the unique knowledge I’ve gained over the years. All while injecting small moments of joy and positivity with each layer received adding to the momentum of the butterfly, where one small act can manifest a multitude of possibilities. The Layer Club is a limited membership with 30 spots available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once all the slots are full, it will be a year until the club is up for grabs again. Thank you for considering this proposal, let me know if you are interested, and I will provide a detailed outline of the membership.

Our voice brings change, every syllable, every breath, Sparks the chorus that is our existence.


  • $100 a month, $1000 for the year

Membership exclusives:

  • seven handmade original small works

  • a detailed description of what each layer represents

  • exclusive behind the scenes photos

  • Short stories

  • Mini prints of existing pieces

  • Curated studio treasures

  • Editions of digital art series

  • Early access to new work

  • A chance to win an original painting

  • Other surprises

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