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Letter of intent

Many of us don’t realize the ocean of potential waiting at our fingertips. An ocean so fast and limitless that it becomes daunting even to consider. Yet there it remains, waiting for us to play and it’s vastness. The ocean I speak of is the endless and unbounded sea of human achievement. History is riddled with countless examples of the profound effect one individual can have on the course of human development. With every achievement, we broaden the horizon of humanity and add to the toolbox of creation.

With every new tool, our awareness is expanding. They serve to guide and inspire us and ultimately become the building blocks for a new humanity. Recently my research has begun to connect several fields and disciplines with a unifying theory. The central connection principle is frequency and vibration, a massive concept that gives us wavelength and waveform, two principles that influence nearly every field of knowledge. They have helped us decipher lightwaves, decode soundwaves, and even give us the ability to harness lightning. And they have done so by following the natural progression of the universe; from the big bang to the birth of galaxies are home to numerous solar systems. Solar systems that would foster planets, planets that eventually gave birth to life, the life that would one day become our humanity. All of which traces its lineage to the shape of a waveform, which we have begun to decipher by recording the distance of its wavelength.

This sounds abstract and unrelated to our daily existence. What effect could this have on a grocery list? How could this influence my next meal? Why would this contribute to my everyday health and well-being? The answer is simple, intention. Confused? Let’s use brain waves to understand the concept of intention further.

There are five types of brainwaves; gamma, beta, alpha, theta, and delta. All of which fall under the spectrum of wavelength and waveform. They represent the frequency range our brains operate within both consciously and unconsciously. Research has also discovered that there is a range of emotions that fall within each type of brainwave. Furthermore, those emotions have a frequency they emit. For example, happiness emits a high frequency in tune with beta brainwaves, and sadness is associated with the lower form theta waves. This literally means the sound of joy can not only be heard; it can be felt. We know this by how music affects our moods, or the way movies can make us feel what we are seeing.

What does this have to do with walking your dog or rollerskating? Everything, it means that we are continually shaping our environments with our emotions. And those emotions not only drive our intentions, but they also become the world around us. So if you live each moment fearing the next, the future becomes a scary place, but if you decide to let go of that fear, it can become excitement, leading to happiness and joy. It all boils down to choice, something that each of us has, and no one else can control, except for ourselves. We each have the right to choose and the ability to live that choice. I ask each of us to consider this with great caring. Will you let others tell you how to feel? Or will you tell the world just how you feel?

Be the light that understands darkness is a room waiting to be illuminated.


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