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Beginnings begin again

Updated: May 21, 2020

Welcome to the new decade! Sure to be filled with unimaginable possibilities it waits for us to join in. The path through the last decade has brought me back to a place of genesis. In 2010 I met a group of people opening a new restaurant in Seattle. It was named Revel and little did I know that it would be pivotal in shaping my path as an artist. Simply placing the work in a modest space with a long butcher block counter and amazing food in a vibrant neighborhood opened up a world of unseen opportunity. Ten years have passed and Revel has remade itself into an iconic place, refined and inviting, with delicious food ready and waiting. They were gracious enough to welcome my work back into their space. With that I humbly invite you to visit, enjoy the food, and witness a place of beginnings born again. And lastly I leave you with this poem to ponder the coming decade.

2020 feels light and quiet on its feet, tip toeing beneath us. A weightlessness settles in as the burden of yesteryear becomes a drifting feeling of something far away. The horizon pulls us softly, leading toward the question of what comes next? This decade seeds a change, subtle at first, quietly it creeps deeper still. Unknowingly it slips through the fingers of the past into the watchful eyes of youth. As your eyes become youth, grasp hold and shape the change. Put forth a world without want, except for the love that gives. May you give yours to all. 

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