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Santa Barbara moonrise

Too often, life hits us with moments that we only later comprehend. One such moment in my life that was wrapped in magic bathed luxury and teeming with spontaneity took place on the sands of Santa Barbara.

At the time, my life was in disarray. Everything was stretched thin, overworked, stressed, unfocused, and confused. Then, out of the blue, a friend reached out to see if I would join him on a project he was working on. It was a creative workshop for one of the music industries leading entities. Without hesitation, I humbly accepted and quickly compiled some assets to aid the project. I was flying down there by the seat of my pants in the middle of an already hectic and busy schedule.

After arriving in Santa Barbara, I was ready to dive right in and start working. But, I was there ahead of schedule, which gave me the most precious gift, time, something that had been in short supply for years. This was my chance to reset, slow down, and unwind. A system reboot took place. When I came back online, we finished out the day with a success that felt easy and uncomplicated. Something was different. As the evening progressed and the socializing ensued, a new tenor materialized, a tempo of mindfulness, and the realization that time was the only measure left to gauge the outcome of my life.

After a day of inspiration and an evening of luxury mixed with spontaneity, I found myself standing on the sands of Santa Barbara in the light of the full moon with a good friend. As midnight walked past, we delved into the mysteries of time as the sea rambled on and moonlight bathed the landscape with its luminance. Our conversation was deep and meaningful, one that leaves a lasting mark and changes the course of one’s life—leaving me with a sense of place and purpose.

As I stepped off the beach, I saw before me footsteps of certainty. Knowing that time used with intention brings meaning deeper than oneself and that the significance of a moment rewards one with a richness that is lasting and meaningful.

Moonlight is the maker of dreams, dreams that long for the light of day.


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