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We're less than a week away from the opening of Lab Test 002! Everything thing is weaving together nicely. The painting is in the air and on its way. The board is being glassed and polished, ready to hop on a plane with us, just in time.

I am humbled to help the residents of Maui. The last time Timpone raffled off a board they raised 18k. This time we're combining forces coupled with the reach of ERL and all of the amazing partners involved in Lab test 002 to bring it! The proceeds will go directly to Upcountry Strong a local nonprofit helping people on Maui.

The board will be officially up for grabs on Thursday during the VIP opening. That's when the QR will be shared publicly. Everyone will have a chance to throw their name in the hat. The raffle runs the entire month of the exhibit. After the show comes down on December 8th we'll draw a name to see who the lucky winner is.

Entering to win is simple. Click on the QR code, follow the prompts, and presto your name is on the list. The entry fee is $100usd. You can buy more than one ticket. Each entry ups your chance of winning.

The real beauty is what this does. It helps in a genuine way. The local community is still reeling from what happened here. It will take years to recover. It's a long road filled with hard work. Something the fine folks at Upcountry Stronghave been doing since 2020. Starting humbly from a founding member's garage to feed the elderly on the island. Evolving to a monthly food distribution to those facing food insecurities. Now they have transitioned to a resource hub in response to the Maui fires. Last week they gave out 80k in gift cards to the wide range of residents that have been affected. Things as simple as small gift cards to local restaurants for those less impacted. To large gift cards that will help people who lost everything begin to rebuild.

Each entry into this raffle is more fuel to help this community. It's been an honor to be a part of this puzzle, and I'm giddy with excitement to see where it goes. This board has been one of my favorite pieces to work on. It was rewarding in many surprising and unexpected ways. Nothing but love and gratitude has been poured into this painting. At times I would catch myself glowing with warmth knowing that every ounce of effort given would be reflected back to the wonderful people of Maui. To give back to a place that has given so much to my family and I feels good on any occasion. But now it carries so much more weight. Nothing to be taken lightly. That's why we've given it our all to create a one-of-kind work of art to share aloha with anybody who comes into contact with this.

Below I've shared a few process shots of the board being created. As well as a couple of hints to the large oil painting I've made for the show. I'll dive into greater details about this painting once the show opens. It is a story in itself that ties in with the magic that has brought this show together. If you have a chance please come by the opening night this Friday at 5 pm. 9th & Thomas will be jam-packed with amazing artwork from an all-star roster. (details included below.) There will be music, refreshments, and welcoming faces. Most of all thank you for all the support through the years and for taking the time to read this.

-Many hands make light work of the burden we all carry.


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