Justin Kane Elder's multidisciplinary practice has tested many fields and genres. Using the familiarity of the face to share his creative process, he now focuses primarily on the study of portraiture. Driven by a simple mandate to spread joy and inspire others with knowledge that inspires him. He creates color dense works that use relatability and obscurity in unison to capture accidental intentionality. His work is a celebration of inspiration, a timeline of experimentation and adaptation. Working in a state of perpetual motion, constantly reinventing and refining both thought and technique, his work continues to shift through the years yet holds the commonality of the face as a constant.


Elder is a graduate of Cornish College of the Arts. He has exhibited across the United States and Canada. Showing at a variety of galleries, museums, art fairs, festivals, events, and conferences. Elder spent several years as a commercial artist working with major corporations such as Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and many more, to inject artwork and culture into their workplace. Exploring ways to push art through non-traditional exposure. His work has been featured on local and national TV, advertising campaigns, numerous magazines, restaurants, lectures, sporting goods, and apparel.


He now resides in British Columbia with roots in Hawaii. Utilizing his expansive range of experience to push the boundaries of his practice. Constantly working on new series and commissioned pieces that fulfill his ongoing search. Currently he is developing an array of murals intended to uplift and inspire, while also creating a new body of large scale oil paintings to complement the murals. 


A portrait is more than just a face, it is a universal language that is hardwired into us from birth. The face is our first real connection to the world at large, teaching us lessons that lay the groundwork for what later becomes our reality. Communicating not only through words, but through emotion and expression as well. This is a fundamental reason why I have chosen portraiture as my artistic practice. To use the commonality of the face as a bridge to share inspiration.


Drawing upon mechanics found in psychology, marketing, and pop art, I find subjects that have passed a rigorous vetting process. Often spending years researching books, articles, documentaries, podcasts, and music until an emotional connection is built that allows me to accurately portray that individual's character. The primary directive within my practice is utilizing the psychology of association to expose people to stories of inspiration, while simultaneously providing a platform for experimentation and adaptation. 


It is through constant trial and error my work has found itself. Every failure informs the next success and is adapted to mold future pieces, keeping the work in a constant state of flux. Experimenting with numerous motifs and mediums, the work has developed into a complex organism composed of many ingredients. The keystone ingredient is sharing stories of positivity, while inspiring, uplifting and motivating others to seek the same. Each piece is a celebration of vitality meant to spread joy and the comfort of peace.


May we all turn towards the sun to face it, only to see ourselves staring back.