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Blink of an eye.

The passage of time is a bizarre thing to experience. Some moments pass with a “blink of an eye,” and there are others that are “frozen in time.” This refers to the concept of time dilation, a concept that states; the faster an object moves, the quicker time passes in the world around it. Think of those moments where your life was busy, chaotic, and stressful. Weeks feel like days and months pass by as if they were weeks, and the seasons seem to be only a month long. Now, think of watching a sunset, something that only takes minutes, but it seems to last for hours and can live on as a memory frozen in time.

It may appear that we have no control over time and that it is only something we experience, but this is untrue. We actually have complete control through the ability of choice. We choose how to spend our time, thus shaping our perception of the passage of time. We can choose to take up chaotic, frantic lifestyles, just as we can also choose to slow down and “smell the roses.” Making time one of the most valuable assets we have at our disposal.

Even though the popular view of the world is one of fear, anger, and isolation, as they urge us to lock our doors and stay inside, this is only one choice out of other infinite possibilities waiting for us to explore. An alternative view to consider is understanding that we have been given wealth beyond measure in the form of time. Due to the circumstances in the world, each of us has had to spend our time differently. We have been taken out of our daily routine and forced to reroute. How will you choose to use something worth more than all of your worldly possessions? Will you scroll the days away as an endless stream of information and miss-information seek to influence you? Or will you take back control of how you live your life? How do you build a significant connection to the world that gives you purpose? Is it teaching? Is it farming? Is it charity work? There is no wrong answer as long as it gives you meaning.

After asking myself the same questions, the answer was simple and meaningful. My purpose is to share my experiences in life so that they inspire and motivate others to do the same. It will take many years, and I have many projects to share with you over the coming decades. There will be books, music, movies, and of course, art. The latest project I am excited to announce is my new Instagram account @iamjustinkaneelder, which begins as a in-depth extension of my website, offering behind-the-scenes insights into my process. It will gradually expand into other areas of my creativity and will evolve into something unforeseeable. Feel free to have a look and I humbly thank you for choosing to spend some time with me and remember…

your purpose is your dream waiting to be lived.


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