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pressure becomes diamonds

As the world hovers in a state of limbo, turmoil builds and the pressure begins to rise. Chaos seems unavoidable and fear becomes the gatekeeper of the unknown. We find ourselves scrambling for certainty. Yet, the sun still shines bright in the sky as the world spins on. Proving duality never dies, for it is eternal. With this duality comes a rebellion, an opposition to the pressure at play. Just as intense geological pressure is the maker of diamonds, so is Fear the forefather of discovery. To every force there is an opposition and today’s stresses have sparked a renaissance.

As we seek shelter and the safety of distance, many turn inward only to find themselves opening up. This brought about the realization of an intense responsibility that has fallen upon the creative community. For we are the ones that explore the depths of questioning, to bring answers to the surface and share them with the world. We are the first open-source share culture, we are the watchers, the storytellers, and the sages of cultures passed. Our labor builds culture, topples tyranny, celebrates life, and inspires those who come next.

In an effort to further this share culture, I want to humbly offer a look inside my studio. Something I have kept secret and behind closed doors my whole life. It is a sacred place, that houses my soul and creativity and now is the time to share it with you. In hopes you find inspiration and use it to share your creativity whatever it may be.

Diamonds are only echoes fallen from the night sky.


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