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Random act of kindness

With the last rumblings of winter fading into the distance, the whisper of spring grows louder. Stirring from a deep sleep the land begins to yawn and bring forth the coming green. The laughter of summer still in the distance, the time for foundation is at hand. Beginning with the first blossom that bears the fruit of rebirth and cries out the call to action.

With this edition I want to share a group of commissioned pieces that came last year. They are portraits of beloved family members. Now more than ever our pets become vital pieces of the family dynamic. They can complete a family of two, bring balance to younger siblings, even become partners in life. Whatever the scenario, they bring unconditional love and support to those around them, which only deepens the bond. Quietly voicing our connection to the world at large.

Pets have been part of my life since I was born. A constant that has given many lessons, lessons in joy, the music of laughter, and the slow comfort of dependability. As well as the burden of loss and the grief that follows. Highlighting our own mortality, while also giving us the moment and the understanding that every one counts.

These commissions celebrate the life and vitality each brought to their families. Look to their eyes and you will see the deepest example of unconditional love. Showing us we are all one despite our constant search for individuality. Reminding us that we are all part of the pack, may we run wild knowing the strength is in the numbers.





Sadie double. Insider tip: Traveling to Maui? Don't forget Komoda's stick doughnut, best doughnut in the Pacific.

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